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Crockett Timeline

1780  Crockett’s father fights British Red Coats at the Battle of Kings Mountain.
1786  Born on the Nolichucky River in east Tennessee, then North Carolina.
1796  Tennessee becomes the 16 th state admitted to the Union.
1798  Runs away from home and attaches himself to a neighbor on a cattle drive.
1806  Marries Polly Finley of Jefferson County.
1811-1812  New Madrid Earthquakes. President Madison in Washington knocked out of bed.
1813  Heads off to fight Creek Indians with Andrew Jackson to revenge attack on Fort Mims.
1815  Mourns the passing of first wife, Polly. Marries Elizabeth Patton of Franklin County.
1821  Elected to Tennessee State Legislature.
1822  Moves to the “Land of the Shakes” in west Tennessee near the Obion River.
1823  Elected to a second term in Tennessee State Legislature.
1825-1826  Kills 105 bears, including 47 in a one-month period.
1827  Elected to U.S. Congress.
1829  Elected to second term in U.S. Congress. Andrew Jackson takes oath as U.S. President.
1830  Breaks political ties with Jackson over Indian Removal Act.
1831-1837  Period of the Trail of Tears.
1831  Opening of theatrical play, The Lion of the West, featuring “Nimrod Wildfire.”
1833  Elected to a third term in the U.S. Congress.
1834  Autobiographical book tour of North East as possible presidential contender.
1835  Loses fourth bid to U.S. Congress by 252 votes. Heads for Texas.
1836  Dies fighting Santa Ana’s forces at the Alamo.
1954  Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter premieres on The Wonderful World of Disney.
1960  John Wayne stars-in, produces, and directs the film The Alamo.

2004  Billy Bob Thornton plays Crockett in the film The Alamo.

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